Iron and fluorite

Iron and fluorite In means for mouth rinsing the high content of alcohol, and in large numbers it can be dangerous to the child.

Iron and fluorite in vitamins can have toxic a cart effect action if them to use in large numbers THE SUBSTANCES POLLUTING ENVIRONMENT LEAD ELIMINATION Cases of poisonings with lead induced the USA in to forbid proiza vodstvo of paints on a lead basis.

It would seem, this problem it is finished.

However recent researches showed, what even the insignificant amount of lead in blood at the child leads to the expressed backlog in development, to violations of behavior and even to injury of a brain.

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The reflex

The reflex If to influence a back part of a throat of the kid, his bottom jaw and language will carry out pushingout movements down and forward to release a throat.

The reflex remains at the person on all life, but language participates in it only in the first months.

Now, when we know about such reflex, it becomes clear, why it is difficult to kids to swallow of firm food.

Reflex of the vacationer of a neck reflex of the fencer.

When the kid lies on a back, turn his head aside, and you will see that it will take away a hand and a foot in the same party, having accepted a pose of the fencer preparing for attack.

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On the third

On the third As garnishes to the second dishes it is better to use vegetables in boiled, 'I 'Shen, the baked look, and also various friable porridges, macaroni, vermicelli, rice and so forth.

It is very good to add to the last fresh vegetables a cucumber, a tomato, pepper sweet, and also I skin greens.

On the third fresh fruit or juice, fresh berries best of all will approach.

In the absence of fresh fruit give tinned juice, the fruitandvegetable mashed potatoes intended for baby food, compotes from dried fruits, compotes tinned, dogrose broth, kissels from a cranberry, a lemon, fresh and dry fruit, milk.

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When you will

When you will It never any more will not be such all next year.

When you will start to swaddle the child, there will be an oprelost.

Diapers and skin should rub the friend about the friend.

Diapers were thought up to be protected from excrements of the child.

And skin of the child lost some fresh air and sunshine.

From where the oprelost undertakes Take supersensitive skin, add the himikaliya containing in urine and Calais, close all this a bandage and rub the friend about the friend.

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Lzhey and Owen, did not receive

Lzhey and Owen, did not receive Katie Cooper's sons.

Lzhey and Owen, did not receive rather positive communication during the day.

and they learned to fill this shortage, arranging chaos at night Pryganyes beds on a bed and attempts to force mother to rise upward turned for them into game.

It with guarantee drove Katie up the wall, and boys received a lot of attention as a result of such behavior.

If your child not only it is bad itself during the day.

but also let's to you sleep at night, you can have a negative spirit but to the relation to it.

Lisa Williams was on the verge because of fouryear Knran, and time situations continued to arise until late at night.

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